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A Decision Affecting the Future

A Decision Affecting The Future

 Just as the young lion’s genuine growl revealed his inherent strength, you can release the inherent #leadership strength within you come to understand your true self. Just as the young lion watched the beast walking away and knew that he had to make a decision about his future, you have a choice to make about your own future.

Just as the young lion looked back at the farm where the sheep were and then looked toward the forest where the lion was heading, you have to evaluate your past and your potential and step toward one or the other. Just as the young lion knew that, to become his true self, he would have to give up the safe, secure, predictable, and simple life of the farm and enter the frightening, wild, untamed, unpredictable, dangerous life of the jungle, you will have to leave the safe confines of being a follower if you are going to become a leader.

Just as  the young lion turned his back on the farm, crossed the river, and walked into the forest leaving behind his old life as a sheep and embarking on the life he was born to live.

As on who has had to cross that river myself, my desire is to be a catalyst, like the beast, roaring an invitation into your life and heart and hopefully helping you to enter the adventure of discovering and releasing the #leadership spirit within you.

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