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Publisher’s Desk


Publisher Desk:  Marcus R. Shiver Sr.

One of PJM‘s primary goals is unifying the Body of Christ for global evangelical impact; however, this assignment would have died in the grave of glory if I had not taken the initiative to become engaged with all of you—my fellow laborers in Jesus Christ. The word ―community is drawn from the concept of common unity. As we move forth to advance the kingdom of God this year, I challenge you to become more engaged in the community of the Body of Christ. Develop genuine relationships with other pastors and share valuable information with one another to advance the Kingdom of God. If you are a lay leader, develop relationships with lay leaders of other churches. Break the superficial and elementary barriers that hinder us from genuinely becoming united as brethren in Christ. Take time to understand and not merely be understood. We oftentimes criticize one another because we don‘t take the time to understand one another.

I realize that many of you have been hurt by fellow pastors; however, that should not preclude you from taking the initiative to develop healthy relationships with other pastors. Ninety (90%) per-cent of the pastors I meet on a weekly basis tell me pastoring is a lonely road—but why is it a lonely road? Unresolved issues and unhealed hurts is the number one reason many pastors live a life of isolation outside of the pulpit. Don‘t allow the past to hinder you from developing a healthy future with other pastors.


Also, reach outside of the box—the church that we choose to fellowship with doesn‘t have to be in the same denomination for us to fellowship or the same for us to develop community outreach programs. Many members of our congregations need to be exposed to other believers outside of our own churches.

True Community. True community can only be achieved when we intentionally make the attempt to accomplish unity of purpose and mind. Without true community we will continue to offer salvation to what I consider the “gathering crowds of people” and miss the “masses of people” who are hungry for an encounter with the Lord. It will help enrich our lives and ministries to see the great work in which other local churches are involved; however, for this to occur, you must employ the title of this article— “Take the Initiative.” I’ve already started—how about you? Talk with you soon!

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