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Money Money: Evicting the Money Monster








“…and the two shall become one flesh.” (Genesis 2:24)

Marriage was the greatest gift God gave to humanity apart from His image and likeness, so why is the institution failing? The answer is not cut and dry, but most pastors know that financial tension is at the heart of most disagreements which take place in the home. Divisions occur over where money should go, who makes decisions, why use money for this or that and the common statement: “This is my money.” Regardless of where your household falls, God has an answer for you to evict the “Money Monster”, not your spouse.

Most financial arguments husbands and wives have are based upon perspective. One person views money differently than the other. Due to this differing perspective, Jesus’ statement rings loud and clear, “a house divided against itself cannot stand.” If your house is divided over differing financial perspectives, here are five tips for you to implement to become one as you are commanded.

5 Keys to Evicting the “Money Monster”

1) Repent Repent means to have a change of mind which produces a change of actions. If you expect to see oneness in your home you must repent. This means you are willing to do what it takes to see oneness happen. Many spouses are waiting for the other one to change first. Marriage is not that kind of game. The person with the new insight must move first. You decide that today is a new day and yesterday is buried. Jesus will give you the enablement to do this if you ask in faith.

2) Give You must give your spouse a clean slate. If Jesus is giving you a new start, you have to give your husband or wife one as well. You cannot praise God for what you have received and then fail to give your spouse what they need to move forward. When you sow mercy then you reap mercy. I understand this may be difficult to do, but Jesus will give you the enablement to do it if you ask in faith.

3) Discuss Many husbands and wives do not discuss financial matters because of the tensions it has created in the past, but this does not need to be the case in your marriage. You can discuss with your spouse your decision to repent for allowing division in the home, and give them a clean slate from past arguments and financial decisions. I have heard it said, “You never rise above the first three minutes of a discussion, whether good or bad,” so make your first three minutes matter.

4) T and T You and your spouse need to “Talk” and be “Taught” until you both are on the same sheet of music financially. This may take longer for some couples, but it is worth it. Attend seminars together, study the word of God together, make decisions together and most of all pray in faith together. Talk in a way which promotes oneness. Use terms such as “our money” instead of “my money.”

5) Release You have to release control of the financial assets in your household. Through fear, I have seen well meaning spouses destroy a family. You cannot evict the “Money Monster” when fear is your motivation behind financial decisions. Just because you make more money does not mean you control the finances. The financial decisionsshould be shared, not isolated within one person. Remember, God is the owner and weare His managers; when did He give you control? He does not. If you have a spouse that will not budge, pray in faith for God’s will of oneness to be established and seek counsel from your pastor.

If you make a faith commitment to these five keys to oneness, over time you will see the “Money Monster” evicted from your house. Jesus will be your High Priest and bring the will of the Father into manifestation.

Source: Marcus Benjamin

Marcus D. Benjamin is the founder of Champions Faith Center in Lee & Sumter Counties. He is also the founder of Eternal Perspective, a financial education firm based in Bishopville. Marcus is the author of the nationally published book, Eternal Economics, and a licensed investment representative. He travels regularly teaching Eternal Economics to churches and businesses.

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