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Witness Lee on Forbearance

Excerpt Only:  A Life Full of Forbearance but without Anxiety

Taking Christ  as Our Forbearance

Philippians 4:5 says, “Let your forbearance be known to all men.” This means that you should be found in forbearance by all the saints. The word forbearance is difficult to explain completely. Many may define forbearance as patience or long-suffering. However, forbearance is more than patience or long-suffering. It is reasonableness, considerateness, and consideration in dealing with others, without strictness of legal right. First, if we would be forbearing, we must be reasonable and fair. We must do things in a reasonable and fair way. Second, we have to consider others. To be forbearing is to consider how others will be affected by what we do or say. We should consider whether or not our words would damage people. We have to be very considerate in dealing with others, avoiding strictness. (Emphasis, PJM)

Although every verse of Philippians 4 mentions a new item concerning the experience of Christ, all of these items are related to one another. A proper Christian life of living and magnifying Christ will not dissent with others, will always rejoice, will always forbear, and will have no anxiety (v. 6). This kind of life enjoys the peace of God (v. 7). (Emphasis, PJM)



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